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About the Association

The Global Association of Social Sciences is the International body for the Social Sciences and Humanities .

Our purpose is to inspire, recognize and support excellence in the social sciences and humanities , throughout the India and internationally , and to champion their role and value.

We wish to compose fellowship of nearly 1000 distinguished scholars , representing the social sciences and humanities , facilitating international collaboration , providing an independent and authoritative source of advice , and contributing to public policy and debate.

As a learned society, we seek to foster and promote the full range of work that makes up the social sciences and humanities , including inter - and multi - disciplinary work.

As a research and development institute , in receipt of grant – in – aid , we support excellent ideas , individuals and intellectual resources in the social sciences and humanities. We enable Indian researchers to work with scholars and resources in other countries, sustain an Indian research presence in various parts of the world and help to attract overseas scholars to the India .

As a national forum for the social sciences and humanities , we support a range of activities and publications ( print and electronic ) , which aim to stimulate curiosity , to inspire and develop future generations of scholars , and to encourage appreciation of the social , economic and cultural value of these disciplines.


The Association seeks to provide leadership in representing the interests of research and learning both nationally and internationally and promote international research links and collaborations and broaden understanding across cultures.

Our three main international aims are:

  • the provision of funding and support for individual and collaborative research.
  • the development and maintenance of links with partner institutions .
  • membership of and affiliation to international organizations and networks which speak and provide support for research in the social sciences and humanities .

Our work includes :

  • Area Panels which provide expert advice on the maintenance and strategic development of links and the broadening of the Association's international relations.
  • engagement with European research policy issues.
  • organization of events with partner institutions.
  • monitoring the international dimension of the Association's activities.


Registered India Office

Adress : Sector FH / 369 , Vijay Nagar , Scheme                  No. 54 ,Behind Shekhar Residency ,                  Indore , Madhya Pradesh , PIN 452010 ,        INDIA

E-mail :

Phone :    + 91 - 94253 82228